Woman says losing weight before wedding due to society’s pressure ‘biggest regret’

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It’s a common practice among many people across the globe to employ weight-loss efforts before their big day but a newlywed bride has revealed that doing so was the “biggest regret” of her life.

As reported by The Mirror, the bride, Laura Fragoso, said that she was victimised by society and was compelled to fall into the trap of getting slim before tying the knot. 

She added that now that she looks at her wedding photographs, she cannot recognise herself. “My biggest wedding regret,” Laura wrote in a TikTok video caption.

She said that throughout her life, she had to hear from other women how a bride should be of a certain weight on her big day.

“I grew up hearing my entire life by several women in my family —  ‘I was 100 pounds (45 kilogrammes) when I got married’,” she said. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase!”

Laura further added that she had to be very restrictive about her diet before the wedding day in order to lose weight, and as a result, her weight kept fluctuating between a size eight and a size ten but she eventually ended up buying a size six dress.

“I stressed myself out so much that I ended up getting heart palpitations and to this day I have an extra heartbeat — which I didn’t have before planning my wedding,” she said.

“All this to say — you don’t need to lose weight for your wedding – that is your goal and that’s going to benefit you past your wedding day – then go for it.

“But if you are doing it because you too have heard this narrative that a bride needs to be 100 pounds on her wedding day, then you need to step off the scale.

“And you need to remember that your value has nothing to do with the number on a scale or a measurement.”

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