Watch: Delhi Couple Distributes Free Rose Sherbet To Beat The Heatwave

Summers are going on in full force across the country. Rivers are drying up amidst the scorching heat even as many cities are reporting record high temperatures. Dry, hot winds are parching up our surroundings and our bodies as well. It is important to keep ourselves properly hydrated during this time so as to beat the heat and make sure that our body’s fluid balance is maintained. To tackle this extraordinary heat, a Delhi couple stepped up to offer free rose sherbet to passers-by. The young 20-somethings old shared a video of their noble initiative on Instagram and it has gone viral ever since.

Watch the full video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by 28-year-old YouTuber @tapshi, who is a pilot and fitness enthusiast as well. He and his wife, Prachi Goswami, distributed free rose sherbet to bystanders amid the scorching summer heat. In the clip, we can see the duo with a tub full of Rooh Afza or rose sherbet mixed with some milk and ice cubes. “It’s very hot in Delhi nowadays, so we decided to use our off day for some good work. Some kids also helped us out. Lots of people came to drink,” they explained in the caption. By the end of the day, they had finished the entire tub of rose sherbet and brought smiles to the faces of many people.

The video of the Delhi couple went viral on Instagram Reels, receiving nearly 900k views and 125k likes at the time of writing. Several users also poured in their thoughts in the comments section. “Good work.. plz use paper cups next time instead of plastic,” wrote one user while another said, “Such an amazing gesture you guys!”

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Rose sherbet can easily be made at home. 

This is not the only time that citizens have stepped forward to do their bit for the society suffering from major heatwaves. Recently, a young boy distributed free water bottles to people in the summer season.

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