Muslim parents outrage as school in London serve ‘pork’ to children

Ryders Green Primary School in London’s West Bromwich. Photo— Express and Star
  • Catering company provided ‘pork sausages’ instead of ‘vegetable sausages’ to muslim children. 
  • Muslim parents launched protest against school administration for extreme negligence.
  • School spokesperson says formal complaint has been launched to the catering provider and the Food Standards Agency.

A school in London served ‘pork’ meat in lunch to Muslim children mistakenly which infuriated the parents, Express and Star reported on Wednesday.

According to the details, a primary school in London’s West Bromwich area served Muslim students ‘pork sausages’ instead of ‘vegetable sausages’ mistakenly on the lunch menu.

The extreme negligence by the school administration left parents furious leading them to launch protests against the irresponsible act.

Commenting on the incident, mother of a child said that she had been refunded the cost of the meal but this negligence by the school administration has left her upset.

However, a spokesperson for Ryders Green Primary School said that it was purely the catering company’s fault and an explanation has been sought.

“We have taken this matter very seriously and have formally complained to the catering provider and the Food Standards Agency,” a school spokesperson said.

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