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Netflix will not renew ‘Lockwood & Co.’ for a second season

Netflix will not renew ‘Lockwood & Co.’ for a second season
Netflix will not renew ‘Lockwood & Co.’ for a second season

Netflix cancelled its supernatural detective series, Lockwood & Co. just after one season, via Variety.

The show, which was based on Jonathan Stroud’s young adult novels of the same name, was developed by Joe Cornish, and debuted at the platform in January this year.

The eight-episode Netflix adaptation featured actress Ruby Stokes who starred as Lucy Carlyle, a teenage ghost hunter with a tragic past, who teams up with Anthony Lockwood (played by Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) to form a ghost-busting agency that specialises in dealing with deadly ghouls.

The plot revolved around the three very awkward teenagers and their friendship.

Set in London, amidst the many corporate, adult-run agencies, one stands alone: independent of any commercial imperative or adult supervision – a tiny startup, run by a renegade trio destined to unravel a mystery that will change the course of history: Lockwood & Co.

The show turned out to be one of the popular shows of the year but not enough to get it renewed for a second season.

In a statement, Complete Fiction said making the show had been “one of the most rewarding experiences of our careers” and thanked Netflix, Stroud and the show’s cast, crew and fans – whom they namechecked as the Lock Nation – for helping them bring the books to life and embracing the series. 

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